The amazing power of Powders!


This week we are talking about the power of POWDERS! My dream is to showcase the amazing healing benefits ofherbs to the world. And not everyone is a tea fan (shocking I know!). So I created a range of powders that are super easy to add to your daily routine!

Herbs are such an incredible thing to add to our lives. They were the first medicine ever used, and are still used in many cultures as their main stream medicine. For thousands of years, we have cultivated and used herbs to treat many illnesses and ailments. But much of this traditional culture has been lost in modern society.

As a Naturopath, I fell in love with herbs and their incredible healing properties. And as I continue on this journey, my love for herbal medicine only grows stronger. I want everyone to be able to have access to this treasure of health and healing.

I started Twisted Tonic Tea as a naturopathic herbal tea range. Something to use in clinical practice as well as bring joy to our everyday cup of tea. But I had clients who weren’t fans of tea at all! Hard core coffee drinkers were among my clients, and I didn’t want them to miss out on the benefits of herbal medicine. I also struggled with client compliance when it came to herbal tinctures, something I still use everyday in clinic – they are not easy to take for some people. When it comes to health, I will do just about anything to get well – but some of my clients are a little less willing, and if you have ever had the herbal tinctures naturopaths give you, you will understand why!

I also used to use some powders from other companies for my clients. But I was tired of all of the fillers and flavourings in many of the powders. So, I went on a mission to create the most amazing herbal powders I could that addressed many of my clients concerns, utilising only the best possible ingredients.

The product of many months of research and development, trials and tastings, are the 4 products: Super Adrenals, Super Gut, Super Mushroom and Ultimate Green 15. I will go into each one in more detail over the coming days J I love seeing my clients and other practitioner’s clients get such amazing results from using these powders.

Given that they are so easy to use – you can either add to water, juice, a smoothie, bliss balls, chia puddings, and many other dishes, they are a fantastic tool to include in your health care regime.

Check out the following posts to find out a little more about each powder and their incredible health giving benefits.

Twisted Tonic Tea

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