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Schisandra Berries – Herbal Profile

schisandra-berries-editedThese gorgeous little berries are a medicinal powerhouse. Here are some of the amazing health benefits that can be found in these little red berries:


* adaptogen

* helps reduce stress

* increases endurance

* reduces inflammation

* enhance physical performance

* sexual tonic

* helps reduce night sweats

* reduce insomnia and improve sleep

* improves the immune system

* reduces mental and physical fatigue

* increases energy

* improves memory and concentration

* increases clarity in the mind


* increases circulation

* lowers blood pressure

* helps with depression, anxiety and mood swings

* aging and longevity

* packed full of antioxidants

* protects the liver

* stimulates the central nervous system

* calms the nervous system

* improves cellular energy

* increases glutathione levels, detoxifies the body


One of my favourite herbs to add to my teas.

Twisted Tonic Tea

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