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Super Mushroom Elixir has been naturopathically developed for the ultimate in immune support.

It contains medicinal mushrooms that have traditionally been used to support the immune system, amongst other things. It comes in a powder for easy use, and can be added to smoothies, juices, bliss balls, pates, the list in endless. Or you can simply add to water.

(I like to add mine to my “Bulletproof” Bone Broth to help with my Auto-immune maintenance.)

100% Organic Powdered Ingredients: Shiitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Turmeric, Black Pepper. (organic ingredients are used when possible, otherwise wild harvested ingredients are used. We source the highest quality ingredients, so you know that you are getting the best for your health).

Caution: please consult with your health care professional before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Shiitake Mushroom: Shiitake Mushrooms are amazing little things. They are high in B vitamins, and have been shown to fight cancer cells, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, protect DNA from oxidative damage. They are also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and have been used to improve heart health, reduce food allergy reactions, boost energy, improve memory and cognition as well as being hypolipidaemic (fat reducing).

Reishi Mushroom: Reishi Mushrooms have been used to help reduce inflammation, improve liver function and detoxification, help improve fatigue. They have also been research for their ability to fight tumour growth and cancer cell growth and are anti-mutagenic. They may also help soothe the digestive system and heal leaky gut, boost the immune system, improve heart health and diabetes.

Maitake Mushroom: Maitake Mushrooms have been researched for their amazing immune modulating properties. Research has shown that they are immune modulating, reduce blood sugar in diabetics, reduce cholesterol, fight cancer and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. They have also been researched for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and have been used to help treat PCOS.

Turmeric: Traditionally has been used to help fight inflammation, protect the liver from free radical damage. It has also been used for its high antibiotic properties, anti-cancer properties and to reduce arthritic pain. It is indicated in the treatment of diabetes, lowering cholesterol, detoxifying the liver, boosting the immune system and improving cognition.

Black Pepper: Traditionally has been used to reduce gas formation, stimulate HCL (acid) and increase bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric. It has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

Disclaimer: These products have not been tested by, or statements evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care provider before using this product.

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