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Glowing Goddess Face Oil

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This is the most gorgeous face oil ever. I created my first face oil 15 years ago with my original skin care range, before natural skin care was all the rage. Since then I have wanted to develop a new face oil that was the best I could imagine. The final idea came about after working in the spa industry and feeling like we were pushing an idea of fake beauty on people. ‘If you use this product you will be more beautiful…etc’.

But beauty is an inside job. I wanted people to embrace their inner beauty, which is why I added the flower essences. The flower essences are an amazing combination to help promote self-love, self-esteem and joy. And the oils do a beautiful job of healing, hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Using a combination of oils, essential oils, flower essences and rose quartz crystals, it blends beautifully to leave your skin radiant and glowing. The oils are light weight and don’t leave an oily residue like some other oils.


Organic Rosehip Oil: regenerates and repairs skin tissue, improves texture of skin including wrinkle and dryness. It also helps with acne scarring and pigmentation.

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil: maintains moisture balance, soothes the skin and is anti-aging. It is anti-inflammatory and tones the skin. It also doesn’t leave an oily residue.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil: helps promote skin elasticity and treat acne, improves radiance, reduces redness and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also helps to firm the skin.

Organic Macadamia Oil: helps restore the skins barrier, regenerates and softens the skin, reduces inflammation, reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Jojoba Oil: moisturises the skin, helps to treat acne and psoriasis, balances sebum production, high in antioxidants to help prevent aging, stimulate collagen production

Organic Rose Essential Oil: works on healing the skin, strengthens the skin and is anti-aging. Also helps treat depression and anxiety.

Five Corners Bush Flower Essence: promotes self-esteem, self-love and self-worth, celebration of your inner beauty and acceptance.

Little Flannel Bush Flower Essence: promotes playfulness, joy and a childlike quality.

Crowea Bush Flower Essence: helps bring balance to your emotions, and promotes peace and calm.

Rose Quartz Crystals: Each bottles contains a few little rose quartz crystals, which have been added for their vibrational energy of unconditional love and self-love. They are also ‘activated’ under the full moon.


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