Passion Flower – Herbal Profile


Some herbs are so beautiful. They have an almost magical quality to them. Passion Flower is one of those herbs for me. Here are some of the benefits of using passion flower:

* helps treat anxiety

* calms the nervous system

* treats insomnia

* increases GABA in the brain

* reduces gastrointestinal discomfort

* reduces inflammation

* reduces muscle spasms

* helps reduce seizures

* helps treat ADHD

* antispasmodic

* reduces cramping and PMS

* helps reduce headaches

* reduces stress

* reduces nervousness

* boosts anti-depressant effect of St John’s Wort

* helps treat menopause symptoms


It is one of my favourite herbs, especially for treating anxiety and calming the nervous system.


Note: don’t use if you are on blood thinners, Valium or MAO’s.

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