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This year for Christmas, I wanted to create something special for my family. I had so many thoughts about what to make them, but in the end I decided on Tea. How could I not?! While it may seem like a strange gift to give, as it is something that I make myself, in all honesty, it is a gift that I would want to give even if I didn’t make it.

But this couldn’t be just any old tea. It had to be amazing! It had to be something truly special. I have new tea recipes going around in my head all of the time, and this one was no different. I already have an After Dinner Mint tea, but this one was different. I wanted to make an epic Choc Mint tea. And personally, I think I succeeded 🙂

Love seemed like the only name I could give it, as it was created for my family. I may change the name at a later date, but for now it has stuck. And since I am so happy with this tea, I thought it only fair to make it available for everyone!

Check out the tea shop to get your hands on a bag of this tea. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. And to quote my sister ‘it’s like a choc mint hot chocolate without the calories’ and ‘smells like a cup of Christmas’. Enjoy a cup of Love.

And for those who have been asking, my favourite tea strainers have also been loaded.


Twisted Tonic Tea

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