Liquorice Root – Herbal Profile


I love the taste of liquorice. But it is also a wonderful herb, and it has a really sweet taste. Here are just some of the benefits:


* supports adrenal fatigue and cortisol balance

* reduces stress

* digestive discomfort

* gastritis

* helps support the liver

* eliminates phlegm/mucous

* anti-depressant

* bursitis and tendonitis

* chronic fatigue

* PMS, cramps, bloating and mood swings

* increase memory

* antioxidant

* anxiety and nervousness

* anti-inflammatory

* immune boosting

* heart burn

* cold/flu/coughs

* dandruff

* gout

* viral infections

* fungal infections

* Lyme disease

* shingles

* sore throat

* microbe infections

* rheumatoid arthritis

* lowers cholesterol

* detoxifies the colon

* heals the intestines

* constipation

* regulates ovulation/fertility


One of my favourite herbs to add to my teas. It not only adds a variety of health benefits, but also a wonderful sweetness, which helps balance the palate of some teas.

Twisted Tonic Tea

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