Lavender – Herbal Profile

Lavender is such wonderful herb for treating many things. The list is almost endless:


* reduces anxiety

* relieves nervous tension

* slows nervous system activity

* induces relaxation

* helps treat pain

* helps treat depression

* induces sleep, reduces insomnia and improves sleep regulation

* reduces inflammation

* helps treat migraines

* reduces stress

* treats nervous exhaustion

* reduces restlessness

* controls blood sugar

* wound healing – treats cuts, burns and sunburn

* anti-viral

* reduces colic

* reduces flatulence/gas

* reduces indigestion

* increases mental activity

* improves cognition

* treats acne

* anti-bacterial

* reduces pain

* helps with rheumatic pain

* treats muscle aches and spasms

* reduces severity of cold/flu

* reduces coughs

* improves immune system


There are so many ways to include lavender into your day – tea, baths, balms, sprays – either using herbs, essential oils or in tonics.

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