Fight off those winter bugs with the immune tea Bug Buster

Winter is truly upon us. With everyone around me getting sick, family, friends and clients, I have been having my BUG BUSTER tea everyday, to keep my immune system nice and strong. I make up a 1 litre pot in the morning and drink throughout the day (I usually keep it in a thermos, and pour a cup as needed). The BUG BUSTER tea is the perfect immune tonic during the winter months. Serve with a little honey 🙂 It has a beautiful mild flavour.

The herbs in Bug Buster have traditionally been used for the following (I am only listing the immune related uses :)).

Echinacea: immune stimulant, may reduce the severity of colds and flus and is anti-microbial

Astragalus: immune stimulant, anti-viral and adaptogenic

Olive Leaf: immune stimulant and antiseptic

Elderberries: reduce catarrh build up (phlegm)

Lemon Myrtle: anti-microbial

Siberian Ginseng: immune stimulant, adaptogenic

Linden: induces sweating, nervous system relaxant, diuretic

Calendula: anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

Blue Mallow Flowers: soothes the mucous membrane, removes catarrh build up

Bug Buster Photo

Twisted Tonic Tea

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