Astragalus – Herbal Profile


One of my favourite adaptogen herbs, plus an amazing immune system modulator, Astragalus is a requirement ofevery medicine cabinet! Some of the amazing health benefits include:


* immune modulating

* anti-inflammatory

* stimulates the immune system

* adaptogenic – meaning it helps fight your body adapt to stress

* protects you DNA, by repairing your telomeres

* balances hormones

* reduces the severity of colds and flu

* enhances sleep and reduces insomnia

* reduces cholesterol

* enhances T-cell function

* increases white blood cell production

* anti-viral and strengthens antibodies

* helps reduce the stress response

* helps ease fatigue

* reduces liver toxicity

* helps flush kidney waste

* lowers blood pressure

* helps control blood sugar levels and regulates diabetes

* contains antioxidants

* increases endurance and stamina

* reduces allergic reactions


You can see why I recommend it so much to clients. For immune, stress and auto-immune conditions, it is the perfect herb to keep on hand.

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