Anxiety is a common issue for many people. From generalised anxiety to panic attacks. Having suffered with anxietyanxitea and panic attacks myself, I wanted to create a tea that might help ease anxiety levels, reduce stress and generally calm the nerves.

Anxitea is the product of that desire. It is a mild flavoured tea, but with wonderful herbs that have traditionally been used to help balance the nervous system:

Passion Flower

Lemon Balm



This tea is perfect for anyone who wants some nervous system TLC. It can be brewed for 5 minutes, or if you want to get the most out of your herbs, I recommend steeping the herbs for 10 – 30 minutes.


A little bit about anxiety (taken from my Tonic Wellness page):

Anxiety or generalised anxiety disorder is a very common problem. It is another branch of mental health, although it is not completely related to the brain. For some people, anxiety can be very mild, and for others it can be completely debilitating.

Anxiety can present itself as either acute or chronic. Acute anxiety is what we know as a panic attack. The stress response system kicks into gear, as if there is a threat, and our flight or fight response changes our chemistry. The flight or fight response causes a spike in our stress hormones, such as adrenaline, and this leads to an increase in heart rate, increased metabolism (meaning faster energy burn), breathing becomes more shallow and rapid, muscle tense. If we were facing a true threat, this response is perfectly normal and can save our life. But when it presents in a situation that isn’t a threat it can be very distressing. The body’s responses change so much, that it feels like there is a real and present threat. The changes in the body can increase the release of norepinephrine, exacerbating breathing and blood pressure changes. Other symptoms can include sweating/hot flushes, trembling and shortness of breath, among others. Many people have panic attacks when they go into public places, or large crowds.

Chronic anxiety is generalised anxiety. While the acute stage of a panic attack isn’t present, it is more of a general feeling of anxiety for larger periods of time. Some people can have a feeling of anxiety constantly, which greatly diminishes their quality of life. Constant headaches and fatigue may be present, as well as insomnia, fear, restlessness, heart palpitations and fidgeting. They can also experience panic attacks.

Stress is a great contributor to anxiety, in both acute and chronic forms. Although there are many contributing factors that may cause anxiety. As we know from the adrenal fatigue information, stress, when constant, can cause many problems in the body.

While everyone becomes anxious at one point in their life or another, when it becomes a common state in someone’s life, it can be an all-consuming disorder. For some people they even fear leaving their house, as they can’t control what threats may be outside.

While there is a growing concern over many health conditions, anxiety is one of those that kind of gets looked over. But we need to be aware that it can be a very serious issue, and work towards correcting it.

Many people that suffer from anxiety can also suffer with depression, so when looking at a treatment plan, we need to address where the imbalances lie.

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