About Naturopath Courtney Wohling

Twisted Tonic Tea has been many years in the making. I have always had a passion for tea, but never knew what I wanted to do with that passion. While studying to be a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, I was constantly drawn to the healing properties of herbal medicine.

My mission has always been to get the amazing benefits of herbal medicine out into the world.

As a Naturopath I use herbal medicine every day with patients in my clinic. And as I progressed in clinic, I wanted to get back to the grass roots of herbal medicine, which is mostly tea, or infusions.

Each herb in the therapeutic range is chosen based on its medicinal properties. There has to be a synergy with the herbs; that balances out their therapeutic effects and also balance out the flavour. It is a process that requires time and patience to get it just right, in order to create Alchemy. Some teas take months to develop, while others, can be created in a moment of pure magic.

The rest of the range has been designed around flavour. Taking the most amazing organic herbs, blending them together to create some incredible blends.

By creating teas that not only taste amazing but are also healing, we have the ability to change the world through herbal medicine. I truly believe there is a tea for everyone- either a ‘tea to heal the body, or tea to heal the soul’.

If you love tea, I encourage you to try these amazing blends. They won’t disappoint. For more information about me and my Naturopathic practice, please head here (I share my recipes, health information and a lot about mental health support here)

There is a true beauty in the art of making tea, and I hope to share that with you.



(please note: every person is different. I cannot give medical advice over the phone, email or message. If you would like a comprehensive consultation, please feel free to book an appointment with me. Head to my Naturopath Page TONIC WELLNESS for more information)

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Adelaide, South Australia